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Please contact me if you are interested in having me run a workshop or give a lecture. My rates are very reasonable and I have over 35 years experience. My background along with photography is graphic arts which has aloud myself to work with all types of programs and mediums.

Workshop... One hour to as many as you would like. Individual or group. We can work out in the field or in a classroom environment. From Wildlife/Nature photography to learning Lightroom, Photoshop, etc... Contact me with your needs. My rates are very reasonable...

Lectures... Learn how I shoot and post process. I have many years of experience. From individual to groups. Contact me for your needs. My current lecture is called "Whats the Secret" which is a talk about my findings as I grew into a nature photographer, my ways of shooting and processing to achieve the images I take.


Egret AngelEgret AngelEgret with a little Photoshop magic..

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