Jean McKenna(non-registered)
Huge fan of your work, especially the birds. If clarity & vivid color were the benchmark for great images, you've exceeded the benchmark tenfold. Love your action shots. You're an amazing and gifted photographer.
Gail and Steve Fisherman(non-registered)
Kurt, it was a pleasure talking to you at Fernan this past weekend! Thank you for sharing your breath-taking photos with us--and talon marks too. Your photos are amazing and we hope to see you around shooting again and sharing stories together.
Melissa M(non-registered)
Your photos are absolutely beautiful. I especially love the bird pictures. You have an amazing eye. I wish you nothing but success!
Ron Andrusek(non-registered)
Wow! I love your Eagle Collection. We retired at our cottage north of the town of La Ronge, but south of The Churchill River; in a resort subdivision on Lac La Ronge. Your Walleye fishing Eagles could live very nearby on any of several rapids. You obviously know Eagles and have invested lots of time studying them. Were some of these photos taken in northern Canada? Keep up the great work.
Anthony S. Fiore Jr(non-registered)
I am a FAN!
Joyce McBreairty Landean(non-registered)
What a wonderful selection of images! I so enjoyed each of your galleries.
Never stop shooting, Kurt - you are very talented.
David Rosenthal(non-registered)
Really professional shots Kurt. Terrific site and I wish you all the best.
Jon P(non-registered)
Great images Kurt. Besides the amazing wildlife photos, I really like the Americana and Vanishing America photos. You are a well rounded photographer!
Julie Valentine(non-registered)
Hello thanks for sharing your beautiful captures
"Eagle vision"
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